Pond Life


It’s been quite a while since I posted – summer is such a busy time!

Today, we are heading to the pond. When I was younger, I would go down by the river ( I know, not the same as a pond, but you get the idea) to feed the ducks. As soon as one duck showed up, they would all waddle up to get their share of bread.

After talking about pond animals all week, we walked the kiddos to the pond a few blocks down the road from the childcare center in search of some ducks. Unfortunately, we did not see any. We did see a few turtles, some dragonflies and some other bugs. So, we went back to the center and made our own ducks 🙂

These cute ducks are easy to make, and even stand on their own! I had the kids use brown, green and white paint to paint a paper plate. Once dry, I folded the plate in half. The kiddos glued orange feet, cut-out of paper, to the bottom of the plate. They then glued on a cut-out head shape, and bill. Lastly, I found some feathers for them to glue wherever they wanted onto the body.

As you can see, some of our ducks have some pretty flexible necks 😉

I added these cute ducks to my pond bulletin board that I put up last month. During our pond theme, we also made cattails using the kids footprints. They added a nice, personal touch to our board.


Don’t mind the grease mark from the Mr. Twisters 🙂



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