Muddy Pigs

Happy cows come from Wisconsin (not California 😉 ) and living in the Dairy State, we are truly enjoying National Dairy Month! Dairy products contain essential nutrients such as calcium and potassium. On any given Saturday in June, somewhere in Wisconsin, you will find a dairy breakfast on a farm. These breakfasts include delicious foods such as eggs, pancakes, sausages, and of course your dairy products – milk, yogurt, and ice cream! Most also have fun activities for the kids such as interactive learning stations or the Agriculture Olympics. If you ever have the chance, check out one of these breakfasts and support your local farmers 🙂 You can find the locations of the upcoming breakfasts here –!/all

To help celebrate National Dairy Month, we have been learning about the farm at school! Today, I will share a simple farm animal art project with you. Then, stay tuned later this week for some fun dairy related cooking activities!

Before we started this project, we read a book about pigs. We learned that baby pigs are called piglets and that pigs like to roll around in the mud to keep them cool. This cute little piggy craft helps the kiddos learn about color mixing. Yesterday, we used red and white paint and our favorite paintbrush – our hands – to mix together the paint. As the colors mixed, I asked the kiddos what color they were making. Once the painting was dry, I cut out a pig shape. If you have older kiddos, they could even do the cutting themselves! Today, the kiddos spread brown paint on their paper, then glued their pig down. I put some brown paint on their hands and they spread it around the bottom part of their pig. Last, we made two little muddy handprints on their pig 🙂




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