It’s Time for a Picnic!

It’s finally getting warm and sunny here – just in time for Memorial Day! To me, Memorial Day always indicates the start of summer. What better to do on those warm, breezy summer days than to go on a picnic. The first thing I think of when I think of a picnic, is the classic red and white checkered blanket. Another thing I think of are those pesky ants that want all the sweet picnic food. I combined both of these things to create an art / patterning project for the kids.

Since I work with 2 – 3 year olds, I made the patterning part of the project pretty simple for them. I created a sheet with squares, then marked every other square with an “X.”


We repeated “red, white, red, white, red, white…” as I pointed to each square, and told them to notice how the “red” always fell on squares with an “X.” After going through this, they did an awesome job finding each “X” and gluing a red square there. Once they had all their squares glued on, they were able to point to each square and say the colors and pattern on their own 🙂

While our red squares dried, we looked through magazines and found foods that we would take on a picnic – hot dogs, sandwiches, chips, crackers, juice, and some fruits and veggies. We had fun talking about what foods we liked and didn’t like as we looked through the magazines.  Each child found 3 items and glued them to their picnic blanket.

The next day, the kiddos used their fingerprints to make some ants on their blankets and food. By this time of year, all of our kiddos know how to count to three, and with assistance, were able to place three fingerprints right next to each other to create the ants. The completed project was a classic picnic scene, complete with the red an white checkered blanket, yummy food and ants.





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