Earth Day and Arbor Day

With Earth Day being last week and Arbor Day being this week, we talked with the kids about how we can protect the Earth. Our center is based around the practices of environmental stewardship and we often incorporate recycling, reusing materials, and reducing waste in our daily activities. I first started off by telling the kids that Earth is the planet that we live on. I then asked them where they live on the Earth? I got the few classic responses: “Earth,” “Wisconsin,” and then of course one of our little girls had to pipe in with “a kingdom!” We then continued our discussion on how we can help our Earth. They came up with some great ideas :

  • “throw trash in the garbage!”
  • “use paper more.” ( now, you would think using more paper would not be good for the environment, but what they were getting at is that we re-use paper – if they only colored on one side during free-choice time, the paper goes back into the bin so someone can color on the other side).
  • “recycle.”

To go along with both Earth Day and Arbor Day, we decided to decorate our classroom door. As our art project for the day, the kids worked together to water color paint two large sheets of paper – one green and one blue. Once dry, I cut them out to make an Earth shape. I got out two different colored green stamp pads, and each child  made two handprints. With all of the handprints, we created leaves of a tree. Check out our awesome door below:



Close up of the kiddos water color Earth


Close up of our handprint tree (before I added the words).


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